Sonic Versus Mario

Even though Mario is ten years older, a very good case can be made for Sonic, when it comes to the title of “Most Popular Video Game Character” of ALL TIME!! Let look at the “Tale of the Tape”:

Sonic from Sega, is a blue anthropomorphic (changes shape) hedgehog with the ability to run faster than the speed of sound; his talent for speed forms a large part of the game play of the series. He is 15 years old. Sonic has been described as being “like the wind.” He is noted for being heroic, adventurous, and free-spirited. He enjoys relaxation, but is never one to rest in the face of injustice. He is extremely benevolent, and would willingly put himself at risk for others, taking on any challenge that confronts him without hesitation. Throughout his 15 years of existence, Sonic has never been linked to any job he is always collecting jewelry, so access to funds is not a problem for him.

Mario from Nintendo, now at the ripe old age of 25, is more of a “George Foreman” type, Mario is always portrayed as being a kind-hearted and brave hero. He helps those in need without any hesitation. Despite his status as a great hero, Mario is very humble. His cheerful personality and love of life make him a very approachable video game character. He also has a love of pasta and pizza, as the stereotypical Italian does. Mario is suppose to be a plumber by trade, but in all his years I don’t recall him ever working on any “plumbing” jobs, but always in the “rescue business” saving princess’ or Mushroom kingdoms from Large “Dino” type animals.

Based on these descriptions, they appear to have more in common than one might originally have thought.

Sonic’s speed would be his biggest asset in a match up with Mario while Mario counters with his tremendous jumping ability and Mario also carries a BIG HAMMER. Maybe this should be a “Steel Cage” match? LOL

Mario counters with his experience and his “jumping ability” which would be the deciding factor I believe in this battle, as he would continue to stomp on Sonic’s head. Now on to the “Game breakdown”:


1. Donkey Kong

2. Mario Bros

3. Super Mario Bros

4. Super Mario Bros 2

5. Super Mario Land

6. Super Mario Bros 3

7. Super Mario World

8. Super Mario Land 2

9. Super Mario Land 3

10. Super Mario Bros DX


1. Sonic the Hedgehog

2. Sonic 2

3. Sonic 3

4. Sonic & Knuckles

5. Sonic CD

6. Sonic 3D Blast

7. Sonic Adventure

8. Sonic Adventure 2

9. Sonic Hero’s

10. Sonic Spinball

After reviewing the above “tale of the tape”, it is my conclusion that the winner of a contest between these two behemoths would be Mario by a Knock Out. I believe that his perseverance and stamina would wear down Sonic and render Sonic’s one advantage (his speed) worthless.

Paris to New York in 2 Hrs – New Super Sonic Business Jet

Imagine flying at speeds of up to 2,664mph – Mach 3.6 (twice as fast as Concorde) onboard a private jet with 20 other fellow passengers. Nobody has ever travelled that fast before. Flying from Paris to New York would take less than 2 hours and London to Sydney in three and a half hours. SonicStar is set to achieve these world record passenger flight times with it’s new futuristic VIP jet.

The project was founded by HyperMachs CEO Richard Lugg. HyperMach claim that the SonicStar will be 30 per cent more fuel efficient than the Rolls-Royce engines which were used on it’s predecessor – The Concord. It will also fly at twice the speed of the Concord – radically cutting journey times. High tech light weight materials such as composite metals and titanium will be used in the build of the aircraft to reduce weight and maintain structural integrity.

HyperMach have named the propulsion system: S-MAGJET. Unlike conventional jet engines the S-MAGJET system is based on a hybrid gas turbine engine technology. This will dramatically lower it’s Carbon Footprint.

HyperMach SonicStar Specification:

  • Maximum cruise speed – Mach 3.6
  • Long-range cruise speed – Mach 3.1
  • High-speed cruise speed – Mach 3.4
  • Engines – Two SonicBlue S-MAGJET Hybrid Supersonic 4000-X Series
  • Landing distance – 4,800ft
  • Range – 6,000 nautical miles
  • Highest Altitude – 62,000ft
  • Length – 64metres
  • Height at maximum – 2.6metres
  • Width at maximum – 2.7metres

An electromagnetic current will be passed across the fuselage to suppress the sonic boom. This means that at supersonic thrust speed – spectators on the ground will not hear a supersonic boom. This technology empowers the super plane to overcome the noise regulations that currently restrict supersonic travel.

The British Department of Trade and Industry is investing in the project and the plane is set to be airborne in 2021. The project will have a huge impact on both the commercial and private aviation sector and no doubt create thousands of jobs. The sheer demand for an aircraft of this type will result in most mainstream jet manufacturers being forced into manufacturing rival jets of this calibre. In the future many private jets may be able to travel at super sonic speed.

The SonicStar will revolutionise private jet charter by cutting journey times making more achievable in the business day. Until 2021, jet operators and jet charter consultancy firms will have wait until the SuperSonic is released.

Things to Take Note Of When Buying Sonic Producer

Finding a good and cheap solution for computer generated music is rather difficult. Hundreds of software are available, some of which are even available free of cost to the enthusiasts. Sonic Producer claims to stand out in this niche by providing a solid platform for all the music producing needs of a small group. The solution provides an easy to use interface which can be used to make melodious beats to go with the rest of the symphony. I will review the important characteristics of this platform outlining the advantages of such a system and the disadvantages associated.

I have used Sonic Producer for a couple of months now as a reviewer for an online music magazine. I was pointed to it by a fellow editor and I thought to give it a whirl and give my opinion on the system. The most striking feature of the system is the ability to quickly generate beats using presets available through the interface. The member’s area comes bundled with a lot of resources for learning how to make music, understand what production is all about and judging which beat is truly outstanding and which are just bad.

The site has a nice collection of video tutorials which can help you to learn how to play drums and guitar. Starting at the very beginning, the instruments are explained in details and how they behave under different touches. Most of the emulated instruments that come with the package are capable of producing good quality electronic music. Some expansive keyboards and drums are provided with the sequencers and equalizers.

I would recommend that they redo the videos from scratch. Although the audio quality is excellent in these videos they are obviously not recorded by professionals and I sometimes felt at a loss in following what they were trying to show. Being in business for more than a couple of years now, they still have not installed phone support and rely on the more mundane methods of emailing and forum support which can take time and usually left unanswered for days. In the meantime I was able to find the answers elsewhere. The web site interface needs a facelift as it looks bland compared to some of the competitors of Sonic Producer.

Launching a good platform demands that the people running the show makes support available at all times. Lacking severely in this department the website does offer an interesting mix of tools and resources for anyone who wants to learn to produce music using the old method of self study. The other factor is cost which is at the low ends of such online solutions so that may be the deciding f actor for most of the people.